How Do You Distinguish a Luxury Hotel?

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There are standards to be followed for a hotel to be called a luxury hotel. It’s sad that the term luxury hotel has been abused by many. However, when it comes to hotel guests, they always expect for some standards in the amenities and facilities when they book in a luxury hotel.

Booking is made easy

You may expect a luxury hotel to be easy to book; that is you are getting every help necessary from the first step. This is applicable whether you are booking straight with the hotel concierge or any other means.

Easy check in and check out

Luxury hotels must not allow for a queue when checking in or out. One thing they know is that luxury hotel travelers hate to line up. They have been tired from the trip or an entire day of adventure and they want to be in the comfort of their own room right away. Once you have checked in, in less than 10 minutes the luggage should be in your room as well. The hotel must have a video or express checkout to be able to settle any type of discrepancies on your bill.

You get the room you exactly want for yourself

The room given to you must be the exact room you want in terms of room level and category. This may also include any special room classification such as being pet-friendly, enhanced mobility, specific physical location such as near the pool, garden, beach, etc.; the penthouse or top floor; or having a queen-sized bed or a twin bed; or perhaps a room with a balcony.

A luxury hotel must have at least one truly great place for dining.

Remember that even a small boutique hotel must have at least a fancy restaurant and drinking place. These have to offer the best food. Room service must also be offered. In highly urbanized areas, this has to be offered for 24 hours. Hotels may or may not include breakfast. Hotels in Europe usually offer breakfast and usually in buffet. When you get luxury hotel packages in Sharjah UAE this may also be the case.

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Comfort and entertainment amenities are required

The hotel must have a 24-hour fitness center, round the clock room service, a socializing lobby where a bar, sofa, and WiFi are available, a concierge who is knows more than what you can simply check online. It’s also nice for a luxury hotel to have a butler who can help you with the tedious tasks of packing and unpacking.

A luxury also has to offer complimentary items

It is necessary for luxury hotels to offer the following without any charge to the guests: room wifi, coffeemaker, bottled water, morning coffee served in the room, pool and fitness center access, etc.