Visiting Tamil Nadu Brings Changes In The Life For Many Travelers

The Tamil Nadu is one of the states in India. The capital city is named Chennai. The Chennai is a cosmopolitan city, there are many temples constructed in Tamil Nadu. The temples are not constructed recently they are built during the period of Chera, Chola and Pallavas, the temple city is called Kanchipuram. There are many temples available to see and enjoy the historical construction. The specialty of the temples in Kanchipuram, a temple is, in a temple there is a chain, but the chain is made in the stone, people are wondering to see this because it is hard to make a stone chain. In a temple there is a musical instrument called NATHASWARAM made in stone, this is being played by the musician only at the time of local temple festival. Visiting Tamil Nadu is very easy for any country or any part of the world. The best place to reach is Chennai. The Capital city Chennai has all the transporting facilities to move to a different location from the Chennai. The Chennai has many hotels and mini restaurants; all these are charged based on the quality of the place. The minimum food is available for five dollars; the south Indian vegetarian spicy food is liked by many people in the world.

Tamil Nadu is close to Andra, Karnataka and Kerala, therefore, if a person is visiting Chennai and his time permits to visit more places, he could visit these states from the train as the state it borders with the above states. At the same time, as there are many worthy places are in Tamil Nadu, it would take at least one complete month for a person to complete his tour. The tour will be enjoyable because Tamil culture will be interesting to learn, Tamil Nadu based recipes are popular all over the world. In Tamil Nadu there are many fine arts available, a person could get entertained by all the fine arts. The Tamil Nadu people are with high hospitality towards other state and country people. Short or long time trip in Tamil Nadu will make a person to learn something, that learning is helping the tourist to teach at his place, apart from this handmade goods, handloom garments are traditionally made and they are exported to various countries. Shopping in Tamil Nadu will be a great experience for the tourists; this is also one of the reasons for the tourist attraction towards this place.